OUR LADY OF FATIMA Genuine Olive Seed Rosary.

35"x 10mm OLIVE SEED ++++++++++++++++++ O.L.O. Fatima Center ++++++++++++++++++ SORRY SOLD OUT ++++++++++++++++++ Item# RM-5-1801
35"x 10mm OLIVE SEED ++++++++++++++++++ O.L.O. Fatima Center ++++++++++++++++++ SORRY SOLD OUT ++++++++++++++++++ Item# RM-5-1801
Item# RM-5-1801
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Our Lady of Fatima Genuine Olive Seed Rosary.

Very difficult beads to find - anywhere!

Made in Portugal, NOT Italy.

Usually, this section is reserved for Italian-made rosary beads. However, the simplistic natural beauty of this "must have" olive seed bead rosary prompted us to show it in the Italian section. I'm sure you'll agree, it's beautiful !!

* This rosary is made of 8mm x 10mm real olive seed beads, very rare and hard to find.

* Each seed is individually drilled to create this unique rosary.

* Our Lady of Fatima center and 2 inches metal crucifix completes the rosary.

* The rosary is large and can be worn.

* Total inner length is approx 35".

WEAR YOUR ROSARY WITH PRIDE: One Catholic catechism instructs the faithful to wear rosary beads as "it will help them to love Jesus more" and serve as a "protection from Satan".

Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort encouraged Christians to wear rosary beads.

Many religious orders wear the rosary as part of their habit. One may wear rosary beads as a statement of faith, to keep them handy for praying throughout the day, or to avoid losing them.


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