6mm Dogwood "Tree of Life" Rosary Speciality Rosary. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Please read below for details of this rosary.

"Tree of Life" ++++++++++++++++++ 6mm Birthstone Beads
"Tree of Life" ++++++++++++++++++ 6mm Birthstone Beads
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"Tree of Life" ++++++++++++++++++ 6mm Birthstone Beads
"Tree of Life" dogwood rosary with 6mm birthstone beads. Approx. 20" long.

Material: Pewter dogwood tree crucifix and center. Incl. all 12 birthstones.

Proudly made in the U.S.A. by McVan Inc., Massachusetts 1944.

GUARANTEE: Some pictures are not the greatest but your rosary will arrive shiny and perfect!

NOTE: Picture shows tail end of rosary only - for a better view of the beads, crucifix & center.

You will receive a traditional full 5 decade rosary including Our Father & Hail Mary beads!

Simple approximate conversion: 4/5mm = 3/16", 6/7mm = 1/4", 8mm = 5/16", 10mm = 3/8".

A stunning pewter dogwood crucifix, approx. 1-3/4" in height, highlights this unique rosary.

Around the Blessed Mother center is a branch wreath of the Dogwood tree and it's flowers.

Includes all twelve birthstones, although not shown in picture.

Beautifully presented in a deluxe gift box.

Price incl. shipping to all fifty states!


There's a lovely story about the tree being the wood used for the crucifixation of Jesus.

The story, usually told at Easter when the Dogwoods flower, adds that Christ caused the flowers to be a reminder of the cross on which He died.

Two long and two short petals form the shape of the cross, the center as a represents the crown of thorns, and the holes at the petals' edges can remind us of the nail prints in Christ's hands.


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