Gold Filled Miraculous Medal With Gold Filled Curb Chain.

1-1/8'' 14K Gold Filled w/ Curb Chain
1-1/8'' 14K Gold Filled w/ Curb Chain
Item# 2010EMGF-C09GF

Product Description

1/8'' 14K Gold Filled Miraculous Medal With 14K Gold Filled Curb Chain, (2.15mm thick).

Please note that 14K gold filled is not to be confused with the cheaper "gold plated".

A thick layer of bonded gold is a wonderful option to 14K gold and has the same rich look.

The content of the gold is 1/20 the weight of the medal and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

This Miraculous Medal is regally framed with 16 genuine Swarovski emerald stones.

Your set will arrive in absolutely pristine condition - guaranteed, in a classic Bliss gift box.

EMERALD: Associated birthstone color for: MAY.

Symbolism: Renewal, wisdom, and prosperity. Green conveys hope, harmony and balance.

On the back of every Miraculous Medal are twelve stars, said to represent the twelve Apostles.

The M is connected to the cross to symbolize Mary's relationship with Jesus and the world.

The cross with a bar underneath represents Jesus Christ, our redemption, and the earth.

Two hearts represent the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus & the Immaculate Heart of Mary.



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