O/White Meshwork Gold Cross Chasuble & Matching Stole. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Beautifully embroidered on both front & back. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Please read below for details & description. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ To order by phone or customer pick-up, call: 718-598-9744

Priest's O/W Chasuble, [Med. Meshwork Cross] Item# C-07213-OWM ++++++++++++++++++ Discount Price: $175.00 SORRY SOLD OUT
Priest's O/W Chasuble, [Med. Meshwork Cross] Item# C-07213-OWM ++++++++++++++++++ Discount Price: $175.00 SORRY SOLD OUT
Item# C-07213-OWM

Product Description

Priest's Off White Chasuble with Gold Cross Design.

This stunning chasuble has to be seen. Italian design. European craftsmanship.

Features exquisite gold thread meshwork embroidery on a very well finished chasuble.


This spectacular embroidered chasuble features lovely golden thread meshwork embroidery.

The beautiful panels feature an intricately embroidered gold thread meshwork cross.

The cross is intertwined with golden embroidered sheaves of wheat and grapes.

This regal embroidery design is on both front and back of the chasuble.

Also features beautiful edging all the way around, front and back.

The embroidery is all stitched with golden thread.

Price includes a fully lined matching stole.

Stunning workmanship!

Believers spoke of the cross as the instrument of salvation but it seldom appeared in Christian art unless disguised as an anchor or the Chi-Rho until after Constantine's edict of toleration.

The cross is today the universal image of Christian belief.

INSTEAD OF FLOWERS: It is traditional to Give a memorial gift to a family in memory of a loved one. This is an excellent idea, as the family will donate your gift to their parish Church. The Church may keep this gift, or it may be sent to a Catholic Missionary here or overseas. Either way your gift will be a much needed donation. Good use will be made of it.

REMEMBRANCE: A gift in memory of a loved one can be fitting tribute, and can benefit a favorite Catholic institution. Often, words seem an inadequate way to express our sympathy. This Memorial Gift can be that unstated but deeply thoughtful expression of our feelings.

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ETERNAL LIFE: Memorial Gifts can enable God's work long after a loved one has died, and continue what your loved one represented while alive. Your gift can become a "Living Legacy".

NOTE: White/Off White, Green, Red and Purple are the most common liturgical colors. SA140


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