Memorial Gifts Instead of Flowers.

"Flowers are for living. Memorials should be eternal".

Certainly, there is a place for flowers in a funeral ceremony, but if you are considering, as so many others are, "How can I help" or "What is a better way to send my condolences?", our unique and comforting memorial gifts will long be remembered as thoughtful and caring.

Instead of flowers, it is traditional to give a memorial gift to a family in memory of a loved one. This is an excellent idea, as the family will donate your gift to their parish Church.

Your gift will be a much needed donation. Good use will be made of it.

ETERNAL LIFE: Memorial Gifts can enable God's work long after a loved one has passed, and continue what your loved one represented while alive. Your gift can become a "Living Legacy".

REMEMBRANCE: A gift in memory of a loved one can be a fitting tribute, and can benefit a favorite Catholic institution. Often, words seem an inadequate way to express our sympathy.

This Memorial Gift can be that unstated but deeply thoughtful expression of our feelings.

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